Automatic Pool Covers Hires New Director of HR

AQUA Magazine – June 2021 

Top 50 Products Award, Automatic Pool Covers Now Offers an Adjustable Flush Lid Riser

Pool and Spa News – May 2021 

Automatic Pool Covers Expands Engineering Department

AQUA Magazine – March 2021

Automatic Pool Covers’ Engineering Department Welcomes Four New Additions

Pool & Spa Marketing – March 2021


Tips and Tricks for Installing APCs on Fiberglass Pools

Aqua Magazine – November 2020 

Learn the Keys to Successful Pool Cover Installations

Pool and Spa News – July 2020 

The Perfect Season Extender

Pool and Spa News - July 2020

Extending the Swimming Season

Pool & Spa Marketing - February 2020


Outsourcing specialized labor: Why professionals are subcontracting automatic pool cover services

Pool & Spa Marketing – March 2019 

Automatic Pool Covers: Blending in with a vanishing edge pool design

Pool & Spa Marketing – August 2019

Automatic Pool Covers celebrates 40 years

Pool & Spa Marketing - May 2019



Automatic Pool Covers: Integrating New Designs into Vinyl-Lined Installations

Pool & Spa Marketing - November 2018 

Setting and Attaining Company Goals

AQUA Magazine - September 2018

Automatic Pool Covers Expands Manufacturing Plant

AQUA Magazine - August 2018

Pool Cover Manufacturer Grows Into New Facility

Pool and Spa Marketing - August 2018

What is the Goal?

Pool Pro Magazine - May 2018

What’s So Scary about Automatic Pool Covers?

The EDGE - January 2018

A 90-Foot Pool Cover From a Bird’s Eye View

AQUA Magazine - January 2018


Concealing a Lot of Pool
Making Special Considerations for a Unique Auto-Cover Install

Pool Spa Marketing - October 2017

Servicing Automatic Pool Covers

Pool Pro Magazine - September 2017

Uncovering Hidden Profits
Automatic Pool Covers are a Money-Making Opportunity for Builders
Pool Spa Marketing - September 2017

APC Installation: Outsource or In-House?
AQUA Magazine - September 2017

Here’s a Fun Way to Create Measurable Goals and Motivate Employees
What are your company’s goals? Does every staffer know them?
Pool Spa News - May 2017


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