APC Manufacturing

We're committed to streamlined, innovative manufacturing.

Our Process

To ensure the most sturdy, quality product delivery, no automatic pool cover system order goes untouched by our team’s hands.

Once an order leaves the Dealer Support Team, it’s sent to the manufacturing floor where our associates will cut custom components (extrusions, fabric, corners, etc.), and with the help of our innovative machinery, weld, sew and assemble the final kits.

Championing Efficiency

Maintaining a balanced workflow in our operations is key to providing an excellent customer experience – especially when there are spikes in customer demand during the season. That’s why all APC team members are trained in Lean Manufacturing.

The implementation has resulted in associate-driven innovations in packaging, workflow, work sharing, physical plant layout, and quality. Additionally, our sales and technical support staffs are ceaselessly listening to the Voice of the Customer to understand market needs, and to drive APC’s industry-acknowledged innovation. Our associates are truly and constantly seeking the best way to achieve customer satisfaction.

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